Our mission is to teach children and youth financial literacy skills in a fun and engaging way, and to give tools to the parents to continue teaching personal finance at home, so that their children can grow into financially independent and responsible adults.

Who We Are

Financial Education Academy teaches individuals (ages 5 and up) about being financially savvy and literate. We believe that financial literacy education should start early in life so that children can develop into financially responsible and independent adults.  Our belief is that financial literacy is one of the top life skills that kids and youths should develop on their way to adulthood.  It will equip them to better handle challenges of life such as budgeting money, taking on debt, saving for retirement and other goals, etc…

We believe that financial literacy education should start at home. However, teaching good money skills can be a blind spot for parents because many feel financially inept themselves. Some parents have the notion that because they are in debt or not saving enough, they have no basis to teach their children about money.  Further, most parents have never received any kind of financial education from their parents. Therefore it is hard for them to teach something that they have never been taught.

Image courtesty of Imagerymajestic / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesty of Imagerymajestic / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Most affluent parents recognize the benefit and importance of financial education and ensure that their children get a good exposure to it, as they don’t want to see their children squander family fortune once they inherit it. A good example of this is how John D. Rockefeller Jr. used his son John III’s allowance to teach him important financial lessons in 1920’s. John III was fourteen at the time and his father drew up a contract with his son with regards to the allowance. This contract was reprinted in Smithsonian magazine. If John D. Rockefeller Jr., who was a billionaire, thought that it is important for his son to be raised with financial lessons, Financial Education Academy believes that other children deserve an opportunity to be educated on how to be financially literate, too.

We offer mobile financial education workshops for children and youths, which we hold within the school’s classroom.  There is a variety of workshops, which differ based on students’ age groups.  Our workshop program is fun and educational. We provide students with lessons, activities, games and real life examples, which develop students’ skills and knowledge to manage their personal financial well-being with more confidence.

The parent financial education workshops are held in various locations, such as community centers, schools etc. The classes are fun and educational. They focus on how to teach money management and basic financial literacy concepts to children and youth of various ages.