A Letter To My Parents From My Tween Self

November 23, 2013 by

Have you ever wondered what to talk to you tweens about when it comes to money? What is it that they want to know? Well, wonder no more! You can find out what tweens want to learn about personal finance from my letter that I wrote for Tweenhood online magazine.

Here is the link:


I hope you enjoy it. Please comment.




  1. Aliya

    That was such a smart and clever way to write the article! Really enjoyed it. I hope all the tweens will as well!

  2. Maya

    Thanks Aliya. I was just having fun while writing it, but my main goal was to portray what tweens want to know about money. Most of them are eager to learn about personal finances, and all the questions that I was asking in the letter, are the questions that I usually get when I am teaching one of my workshops. The letter is supposed to give ideas to parents in terms of variety of topics that they can discuss with their tweens when it comes to financial literacy.

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