Welcome to DINARII Financial Education Academy

  • Offering mobile classes on money management skills for kids, youths and parents. Our lessons are engaging, fun and educational.
  • We also offer lesson materials and workbooks that assist parents and schools in teaching kids about money
  • See our blog for additional tips on money management

Dinarii Financial Education Academy teaches individuals (ages 5 and up) money management skills. We believe that financial literacy is one of the top life skills, and its education should start early in life so that children can develop into financially responsible and independent adults.

It is never too early to learn about personal finance. Children as young as five years old can grasp some very basic personal finance concepts. It is also never too late for parents to learn how to teach their children to become financially literate, even if they never had anyone teach them about money management as they were growing up.

Dinarii Financial Education Academy offers workshops for children, youths and parents, which we hold at various locations. Our courses are fun and educational and include real life examples.  The course participants show increased understanding of personal finance and are ready to deal with every day money related issues.