Grades 9 – 12 Curriculum

Each workshop for grade 9 to grade 12 is composed of 8 lectures. The lectures are interactive and fun, and one lecture is presented per week.  Each of the lectures is an hour in length.  During the first six lectures we cover the core topics of personal finance, which are listed below.

Core topics

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Image courtesy of stockimages/

  1. What makes a millionaire
  2. Steps to success
  3. What can we do with our money
  4. Wants vs. needs
  5. Power of advertising
  6. Spending your money wisely
  7. Budgeting
  8. Credit cards and debt
  9. Banks and credit unions
  10. Investing 101
  11. Entrepreneur vs. employee
  12. Different occupations
  13. Schooling

During the last two lectures of the workshop we cover additional topics that students choose. At the beginning of the workshop the students are given a list of the supplementary topics, and they can chose 3 topics from the list that they would like to learn more about.  Students are also encouraged to come up with the topics that are not listed on our supplementary topics list. The topics covered are listed below.

Supplementary topics

  1. Purchasing a vehicle
  2. Purchasing a home
  3. Canadian tax system
  4. Job interviewing skills and your resume
  5. RSPs
  6. Tax Free Savings Account
  7. RESPs
  8. OSAP
  9. Real life expenses/Living on your own/Budget
  10. Different types of insurances (auto, home, life, disability, critical illness, …)
  11. Will and testament
  12. Identity theft and how to protect yourself
  13. Financial aspect of getting married
  14. Financial aspect of having children
  15. Fashion and money
  16. Power of selling
  17. Self-image/Peer pressure/Power of advertising

Our lectures are interactive and based on real life examples. We introduce students to the basics of personal finance while making them aware of how the real world functions around them.  The objective of our workshop is to provide the students with skills and knowledge to be able to deal with the personal finance issues.  Our program meets Ministry’s curriculum requirements for Business Studies courses for grade 9 to grade 12. However our approach is mostly geared towards personal aspect of finance.

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