Grade 6 Curriculum

Curriculum Summary

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Image courtesy of Stockimages/

  1. What makes a millionaire
  2. What can we do with our money
  3. Various occupations
  4. Goods and services
  5. Schooling
  6. Entrepreneur vs. employee
  7. Wants vs. needs
  8. Power of advertising
  9. Spending your money wisely
  10. Budgeting
  11. Bank and ATM
  12. Different methods of payment
  13. Goal setting
  14. Who is your idol


Grade 6 workshop consists of 8 exciting and interactive lectures. Each lecture is one hour in length, and one lecture is presented per week for eight weeks. Grade 6 curriculum includes some topics from the Grade 5 curriculum. However these topics are covered in more depth at a level that is age appropriate for grade 6. In addition grade 6 curriculum introduces new concepts to the children that are not covered by earlier grades. The lecture material meets the Ministry’s curriculum requirements for grade 6 math, language and social studies.

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