Grade 1 Curriculum

Curriculum summary 

Image courtesy of Posterize/

Image courtesy of Posterize/

  1. Where does the money come from
  2. Different kinds of jobs/occupations
  3. Coins and bills
  4. Wants vs. needs
  5. Spending money
  6. What can you do with your money
  7. Keeping money safe
  8. Bank and ATM
  9. Different methods of payment


Grade 1 workshop is composed of 8 fun and interactive lectures, and each lecture is 30 minutes in length. One lecture is presented per week for eight weeks. Grade 1 curriculum includes new, but also some topics from the Senior Kindergarten curriculum. However these topics are covered in more depth at a level that is age appropriate for grade 1. The lecture material meets the Ministry’s curriculum requirements for grade 1 math, language and social studies.

If you would like to obtain more details about grade 1 workshop, please contact us.

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