How Does Giving Relate to Financial Literacy?

October 3, 2013 by

Ok, so maybe I blog too much about donating and giving, and you may wonder what does giving have to do with financial literacy. Well, giving is part of being financially literate.  In order to give without being told to do so, we have to feel thankful for what we already have and want to share it with others, who are less fortunate. Thanksgiving is coming. So, this is a perfect time to reflect upon what we have and be truly thankful. I believe that this reflection also helps with our discipline when it comes to wants and needs. Realizing how fortunate we are, makes it easier to say no to our wants if we can not afford them, or if they are not in our budget.  Lately I have been saying “NO” in my head to a gorgeous and pricey BCBG dress. I keep opening my closet to remind myself and justify that I have plenty of clothes, but there is always that nagging feeling that I have “nothing to wear”. I am sure that any moms reading this totally get me.

foodbankThanksgiving is the perfect time to get our children to reflect upon everything they can be thankful for. Last night, while we were having dinner, my husband and I asked our kids what they are thankful for. Both of them mentioned that they are thankful to have lots of toys. I was quite impressed with their answer, and was thinking “Why can’t they remember that when we are at Toys R Us or Wal-Mart”?! “Shockingly”, they seemed to be drawing blanks what else they should be thankful for, so we gently reminded them that they are healthy, have a great family, closets full of clothes, hot water, electricity as well as food to eat. This was a perfect opportunity to tell them about people who are less fortunate.  We explained to them that their school is organizing a food drive and that we will be donating. Our daughter said that she also wanted to donate one of her toys, which I thought was very sweet.

Teaching our kids to give is important. I am not quite sure how much our 6 and 4 year olds got out of our discussion, but I believe that it is important to have these reflections at family dinner tables and appreciate what we have.  The true test for my kids will come the next time we are visiting Toys R Us or Wall Mart.

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