Was I just mugged?

March 17, 2013 by

Today I took my daughter to see Disney’s Princesses on Ice. This was a big event for my three and a half year old. She made sure she was wearing Princess Belle’s dress and tiara. She also gave me detailed instructions how to pull her hair back in an updo like Belle’s.  We were both very excited as our friends were joining us – another mom and a daughter.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The show was great. But there was a rude awakening when I came back home and had this feeling like I’ve been mugged. Not exactly mugged, but maybe conned by my three and half year old, or all the vendors that had set up stands in the hallway outside the show.  Before the show my daughter batted her lashes at me and pleaded for the $22 Rupanzel glow and spin plastic toy. I bought it thinking it would be nice to have a keepsake to commemorate the occasion. At the intermission her friend got a snow cone in Rupanzel plastic mug for $15. Off course we had to get the same thing.

During the second half of the show, both girls were complaining that they were hungry, so the other mom ran out and got them each a bag of chips. While they were gobbling up their chips and overdosing on sugary snow cone, I couldn’t help but notice that mom next to me brought healthy snacks for her little girl – drinkable yogurt, apple slices and some crackers. Who invited this lady??? What kind of organized freak is she to be bringing her healthy snacks in a princess lunch bag????

After the show one of the vendors practically shoved two of his $5 lollipops in my friends’ arms. She paid for them and I flipped her $5 bill for my daughter’s lollipop. More sugar. More junk. These vendors and the kids work in collusion against parents! It’s all OK I kept on thinking. I want this day to be memorable for my little angel. But my little angel gave me a sucker punch just before we left the building. She saw one of the vendors selling Ariel plush toy. She asked that I buy it and when I said no, she told me that she is not my best friend any more, and that she was upset with me!? She periodically reminded me of that during our drive back home. She also told me that she had a stomach ache.

When we got home I was upset. I took inventory of what happened today: I spent almost $200 on this event, quarter of which was on plastic and sugar, and my little angel came home with a stomach ache, ungrateful attitude and bunch of plastic toys that will be in pieces in the next few days.  I certainly didn’t teach my daughter anything.  But I learned a lesson – next time BEFORE an event like this I will set an expectation. I will have a talk with my little angel and stress that she can pick only one toy, and only after she had a chance to see all the toys that are being offered by the vendors. Oh, and yes, I will bring some healthy snacks.



  1. Jelena

    So true! Those events are like walking into a trap... The kids want everything in site! Good idea to have the pep talk in advance. :).

  2. Maja

    Thanks Jelena. I wanted to share the talk that we had about this yesterday. I like your way of handling these types of situations by telling your three and a half year old son to put whatever he wants on his birthday wish list. Based on what you told me it seems like it has been working for you. I guess you can use this strategy for a while until he is old enough to figure out that his birthday comes once a year. LOL Then, you will have to think of something else.

  3. Aliya

    Loved your honesty in your blog post Maja! That is hilarious and 100% true!! I took my daughters this past Saturday as well. We have been doing this annually as a March break treat (this was there third time). So I have been having a pep talk with them before hand as I now know what to expect there! I told them the souvenirs are really expensive and cheaper at the Disney store and although their friends may be buying things they have a choice -- either a trip to Disney store to buy something or to actually just go and see the Disney on Ice show. They always pick the show! And yes I was one of those moms this year to take healthier snacks with me!! LOL.

    Also, personally I can't justify spending a few hundred dollars on a two hour show for "good seats", snacks, souvenirs, when in comparison you can get a one day admission at Disney World for $90 each or so. So I just take them annually to see the Disney on Ice show with the fantastic group rate my friend always gets for us. All the kids dress up like Princesses and dont mind we are a little higher up in the stands - they still enjoy and appreciate the experience / outing!

  4. Maja

    Thanks for your comment. You are right that a pep talk before hand is very important, and prevents issues at the show. I like how you give them the choice of either going to the show or going to the Disney store to buy toys. This forces them to make a decision and can't complain afterwards if they don't get a souvenir.

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